Vietnam: A Huge Potential Destination for Your Mobile Game


The number of global markets for mobile games is increasing every year, and there are plenty of opportunities for games to be made available outside their local territories. Globalization of the games industry is also boosting the worldwide competitiveness of mobile games. But with so many choices, why should you choose Vietnam?

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Why Vietnam should be your game's next destination?

It’s not every day you hear that Vietnamese gamers are among the most engaged in Asia. According to 2017 research conducted by App Annie, gaming is one of the most popular daily activities for Vietnamese users, who spend an average of over two hours each day playing on their smartphones. This makes them 12% more engaged than their neighbours in Thailand and 19% more engaged than in Indonesia.

According to Google, gaming apps are the top category of apps that Vietnamese users spend the most time on. Research conducted by Google in 2016 found that Vietnamese people spend more time streaming videos and playing games than people in any other country in the world. The average global amount of time spent per user is three hours, but Vietnamese users spend an average of five hours!

Why now is the best time to localize your game into Vietnamese?

Nowadays, there’s never been a better time to take your game global with localized releases for multiple markets around the world. This is because game localization offers game developers a chance to reach new, valuable consumers without having to re-develop the entire game. Furthermore, competition in all sectors of the industry has grown increasingly fierce, and this has caused players to become more discriminating than ever before.

If you have a mobile game that is already making waves, then now is the best time to reach out to the Vietnamese market. The country has been on a huge growth streak in recent years and has been pushing out some of the most popular games in Asia. Let Vietnam be your next big opportunity!


Despite the country having only 90 million residents, Vietnam’s mobile market has grown into one of the largest in Asia. If your game fills a need in its mobile market, then there’s every chance it can succeed there. The local market has proven itself to be incredibly resilient when it comes to new games entering the arena.

Localization is one of the most effective ways to expand your audience and build up your reputation as a serious player in the industry. By gaining exposure to Vietnam, you can have a positive impact on future sales and brand exposure.

English to Vietnamese Game Localization with Kotwel

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