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Artificial Intelligence in self-driving vehicles is an endless sea of discoveries, and rapidly evolving technological developments. We are proud to offer the most consistently high-quality data annotation service to the world's innovative companies.

Skillful and well-trained annotators

Strict quality control procedure

Data privacy and security assurance

Data Annotation Services for Autonomous Vehicles at Kotwel

Object Tracking Kotwel Data Annotation Service

Bounding Boxes

Instance Segmentation Kotwel

Instance Segmentation

3D Bounding Box Cuboid Annotation Kotwel

LiDAR Point Cloud

Semantic Segmentation Annotation Kotwel

Semantic Segmentation

Polygon Annotation Kotwel

Polygon Annotation

Lines and splines annotation Kotwel

Lane Detection

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Leading Provider of Reliable Data Annotation Solutions for Autonomous Vehicles

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Quality is our top priority

Excellence remains the prime focus of our dedicated team. We follow a strict quality process to ensure no compromise with quality at any level.

We offer data annotation services with a stellar workforce and well-equipped infrastructure to implement a large scale image annotation project in a limited timeframe.

Quality Assurance

QC team to ensure the quality

Full Support

Quick response and regular updates


Scalable workforce on demand

Competent Annotators

Kotwel's annotation team is well-trained so that they are able to work perfectly with a wide range of annotation methods and types.

Our annotators are so well-treated that they are willing to go the extra mile to deliver the best quality of annotation.

Image Annotation Service Kotwel

Never get late salary payment, they even pay me earlier than expected. My teammates are friendly, helpful and fun as hell. I feel so lucky to work for such a wonderful company!

Pham Long
Data Annotator at Kotwel

Probably one of the best companies to work for. I feel that my voice is heard and my input is taken into consideration. The senior team is always approachable which is a huge plus as well.

Thai Huong
Data Annotator at Kotwel

Transparent and conscientious company. Treats employees as assets. They truly care about their people.

Hoang Bach
Data Annotator at Kotwel

Kotwel's Workflow

1. Project set-up

Our team will work with you to establish priorities and define deliverables. They'll work to develop a custom solution based on your project objectives and timeline.

2. Production

We start the project and keep you updated regularly on the progress. Our dedicated manager will be in contact to answer all your questions and assist you until the process is completed.

3. Delivery

Our project management team checks, packages and formats the deliverables before being sent to you for final approval.

4. Post-completion customer service

Our company want to ensure your satisfaction with our delivery. We are willing to continue support you even after the project is completed.

Our Clients Trust Us

Client Testimonials

How clients talk about their experience with Kotwel


Michael T.

Technology Firm

As a company providing technology solutions, we rely heavily on accurate and well-annotated data to power our AI algorithms. That's why we feel so lucky to have found Kotwel as our trusted partner for data annotation services. 

Emilia J.

Emilia J.

Retail Firm

We have been using Kotwel's data annotation services to help us improve our product recommendations and optimize our inventory management. So far, so good!

Priya M

Priya M.

Logistics Firm

We just love working with Kotwel. It's such a relief to have found a partner that truly understands our requirements and delivers such precisely annotated data.

Tobias L

Tobias L.

Networking Firm

We couldn't be happier with the data annotation services provided by Kotwel. Thanks to their help, our NLP and computer vision algorithms are performing much better than ever before.

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