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With our constant efforts, Kotwel has become a go-to partner of B2B clients worldwide when it comes to their linguistic solutions and localization demands.

Video Transcription

Fully Encrypted and Secured Video Transcription Service.

Audio Transcription

Get Audio Transcription service at Kotwel with best accuracy.

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Smarter OCR Transcription Service with the Difference.

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At Kotwel, we completely understand the requirements and boundaries of professional transcription services. We sure can help you get more out of your videos and audio files accurately with our quality transcription services.

Video Transcription

Video Transcription is facilitating the audio-visual content transformation into text or in other readable formats while still maintaining the originality and quality of content. We have significant competitive advantages in providing the best transcription services with AI-backed data training sets for machine learning to convert the video content into a rich transcript.

Audio Transcription

Nowadays, Audio Transcription has become an essential part of our daily business meetings, conferences, seminars, lectures, etc. The key in maintaining the essence and meaning of a speech or conversation lies first in getting the right and accurate Audio Transcription service. All profit or non-profit, big or small, local or global organizations can get high-quality transcription service here at Kotwel at incredibly low-price offers.

OCR Transcription

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the electronic or mechanical translation of data into a text that is editable by a machine so that they can be electronically edited, searched, stored more compactly, displayed on-line, and used in machine processes. At Kotwel, we offer OCR Transcription with data handling service implemented by skilled professionals, ensuring high-quality and accurate transcription services while reducing the cost of data entry at various stages.

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Kotwel's Workflow

1. Project set-up

Our team will work with you to establish priorities and define deliverables. They'll work to develop a custom solution based on your project objectives and timeline.

2. Production

We start the project and keep you updated regularly on the progress. Our dedicated manager will be in contact to answer all your questions and assist you until the process is completed.

3. Delivery

Our project management team checks, packages and formats the deliverables before being sent to you for final approval.

4. Post-completion customer service

Our company want to ensure your satisfaction with our delivery. We are willing to continue support you even after the project is completed.

Why Kotwel for Transcription Services?

Qualified Professionals

Excellence remains the prime focus of our dedicated team. Our language experts are qualified, vigilant, and professional. We work with a talented team of transcribers who have played important roles in fulfilling the needs of hundreds of satisfied clients.

Fast Turnaround

We are committed to serving our clients around the clock to accommodate their local time zones and meet their requirements in a timely manner no matter how large the project is or how tight the deadline might be. Delivery schedules are customized according to the client’s needs.

Perfect Quality

We set realistic expectations and meet our commitments. Providing quality transcription services, on-time is critical to client satisfaction and retention. We follow a three-step verification process that ensures accurate and consistent transcription every time.

Flexible Pricing

We understand price matters, especially for businesses with tight budgets. Generally, we follow our well-established workflow to save cost for our clients and maintain a high quality at the same time. We also have preferential rates for our clients with higher and regular volume of work.

Our Clients Trust Us

Client Testimonials

How clients talk about their experience with Kotwel


Anthony J.

Publishing Firm

Top in every way, responsiveness, customer relationship and best quality. I definitely contact Kotwel again for upcoming projects.


Chris H.

Technology Firm

If I could describe Kotwel services in only three words, they would be: excellent, speedy & productive.

Ye-jun K.

Ye-jun K.

Healthcare Firm

Kotwel really adapted to our needs. They understood what we were looking for, and offered us unique and appropriate solutions.

Hoang T.

Hoang T.

Manpower Firm

Our company used Kotwel’s data service and some other works. They delivered high-quality results, very satisfying. The project coordinator was very enthusiatic, helpful and professional. 5 stars for fanstastic service.

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