All You Need To Know To Become A Content Moderator

Introduction to the Role of Content Moderators

A content moderator is the gatekeeper of online media platforms, ensuring that all content uploaded to their website meets acceptable standards. For many companies, this role is outsourced, with third-party companies providing content moderators for a fee. To get into this field, it’s important that you have experience in social media or customer service positions. Because a content moderator is a role with a large amount of responsibility, it’s essential to have a combination of knowledge and confidence.

Content moderators are an integral part of the social media eco-system. Without them, major platforms like Facebook or Twitter would be in a constant state of chaos.

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The Content Moderator’s Skill Set

A content moderator must possess the ability to remain calm, be able to quickly assess the situation, and use precision when working with individuals. Content moderators must also maintain relationships with all employees of their company and be able to be diplomatic in all situations. The most important skills needed to work as a content moderator are literacy and analytical skills.

The Content Moderator’s Role in Social Media

A content moderator is the gatekeeper of social media, determining what is acceptable content on a platform. If a user uploads an image that shows nudity or violence, creators are required to remove the images in question. If content moderators allow images that show illegal activity or nudity to remain online, they could be terminated from their position.

Content Moderator Job Training and Requirements

A company must hire content moderators that have experience working in customer service or social media settings. Most employers prefer to hire younger content moderators with a high school diploma and possibly a bachelor’s degree in social media. To become a content moderator, it’s essential to possess certain interpersonal skills and patience.

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You can find job openings for content moderators at many websites, including Kotwel. For more information, you can also review Kotwel Career Portal. You can apply to become a content moderator by using the company’s online form or submitting a resume to be reviewed by a human manager.


Social media moderators at Kotwel keep an eye on content across the social media platforms and eliminate inappropriate content as soon as possible to make these networking sites free from junks.