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When Should Businesses Outsource HR?

The benefits of outsourcing HR can be enormous, but not all organizations see this. Let's start off by looking at the benefits of outsourcing HR services.

1. Outsourcing Lets You Focus on Other Business Areas

When you need to outsource your HR department, you can do so knowing that your most important functions are being taken care of. Hiring outside HR services frees up time in your schedule so you can focus on the things that matter most to your business. Things like creating a process to find qualified employees, figuring out ways to keep your employees happy and productive, and working on improving your company's overall culture. If you're struggling to meet these goals, outsourcing your HR department might be just what you need.

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2. You'll Save Money

Hiring an outside HR firm is often less expensive than having an in-house department, especially if you are a small business. An HR outsourcing company can use economies of scale to negotiate better rates for personnel and benefits packages. Also, an outside firm can use technology to provide services that you might not have the money or expertise to implement on your own. When you hire an outside service provider, you can pay for the precise amount of manpower and support you need.

3. Outsourcing Lets You Handle HR Issues from a Distance

If you're running a business that has multiple locations, IT outsourcing may be the perfect way to go with your HR services. You can oversee all of your locations from a distance, and you can easily share personnel files and work records with your different offices.

4. Outsourcing Lets You Handle HR Issues from a Distance

If you're trying to find a new employee, outsourcing your HR duties will make it easier to find the right fit for your company. As a small business, you may not have the time or manpower to create a process for finding qualified employees. Outsourcing your HR department makes it easier to find qualified candidates, and can help you hire employees faster. If you're trying to fill a position quickly, outsourcing lets you handle the search from a distance so your company won't miss any deadlines.

5. Outsourcing Can Provide More Expertise in Your HR Department

Since your company probably doesn't have an HR staff as big or as skilled as some of the larger companies in your industry, outsourcing may be a great way for you to add more expertise to your department. A skilled and experienced HR team can help you create a productive corporate culture and keep your employees happy and satisfied. Since the members of an outsourced team are working in other companies, they'll probably have more expertise than a part-time employee.

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"The best thing about outsourcing HR is that you can focus your time and attention on your key business goals. The worst thing about outsourcing is that you need to find the right company to handle the job. It can take time, but it’s worth the effort if you decide to go down this road."

Hafwen Truong - HR Business Partner Manager at Kotwel

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