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Selfie Videos | AI Dataset Collection

Selfies—video selfies and still photos taken from a camera’s own point of view—have been a thing since the invention of cameras. But as technology has evolved, so too has our ability to produce more revealing images of ourselves.

Selfie Videos Datasets For AI Models

Computer vision and AI researchers have noted that selfie videos contain a lot of useful information about people’s faces, bodies, personalities, and behaviors. Yet there are few known datasets of selfie videos. This is problematic because a dataset with thousands of video clips can provide much more information than one with tens of video clips.

Recently, several datasets of video selfies have become available. However, these lack certain features necessary to build deep-learning models for such problems as facial recognition and pose estimation.

Selfie for AI Training Data

Solution to the diversity of selfie videos with necessary features for your AI models

To fill this gap, we provide a selfie video data collection service to best suits your needs. The quantity and quality of our data is top-notch on the market today. We provide video selfies of a variety of people, in both indoor and outdoor environments. The videos are taken from different viewpoints: some are captured by a camera held at arm’s length, others from a mounted camera, and some even use selfie sticks. Our dataset includes selfies captured indoors as well as outdoors; these are captured in front of plain white backgrounds as well as in various real-world settings.

In addition to selfie video data collection service, we also provide video annotation service with necessary attributes to make these selfies can be used not only in supervised learning but also in reinforcement learning and unsupervised learning problems.

High-quality Data Collection Service at Kotwel

Data collection can be noisy and costly, which is why it’s essential to design data collection workflows to capture high-quality data. To avoid losing one of your most valuable assets, work with a data collection services partner that understands rules, regulations, and implications of data collection, while leveraging technology to enable you to develop machine learning at scale. At Kotwel, we provide data collection services to improve machine learning at scale. As a global leader in our field, our clients benefit from our capability to quickly deliver large volumes of high-quality training data across multiple data types, including image, video, speech, audio, and text for your specific AI program needs.

Kotwel is a reliable data service provider in Vietnam, offering high-quality AI training data for machine learning and AI. It provides data services such as data collection, data annotation and data validation that help get more out of your algorithms by generating, labeling and validating unique and high-quality training data, specifically tailored to your needs.