Outstanding Women-Owned Enterprise in Vietnam


Many sectors of the world's economy remain predominantly male-dominated, with few exceptions. In a society where women's participation in the work force is still low, it is an honor to see a company run by women--especially one that provides data and other services.

Women Empowerment in Technology

The company behind Kotwel, one of the most reliable solution and service providers in Vietnam, providing best-in-class AI/ML solutions, AI training data and linguistic services, is a good example. Founded in 2021 by Mrs. Nguyen Hong Lam Uyen, a Vietnamese female entrepreneur who always wants to provide high-quality AI training data and linguistic services to her customers with competitive rates, Kotwel has now become a promising company with its own robust economy. She set a mission and vision for her company back in 2021: "We are on a mission to facilitate the growth of AI/ML field and allow it to bring about positive change to all areas of our world. In the upcoming years, we endeavor to become the global leader when it comes to solving your technology needs and generate more new jobs for local people in the technology industry."

With an aim to empowering the world's leading AI projects, Kotwel has been growing at a rapid pace both domestically and internationally since establishment. Within one year, Kotwel has expanded its business to several different fields: AI/Ml solutions, AI training data (including data collection, data annotation and data validation), linguistic services (including localization, translation, subtitling and transcription), social media content moderation and BPO services. With the help of this wide range of products & services, Kotwel is bringing a lot of benefits to customers around the world.


Technology advancement is Kotwel's priority

The key to winning in today's economy is not just guaranteeing a high level of quality and customer service but also to focus on innovation and technological advancement. In the QuickSights which is published on Yahoo! with title "The Biggest Challenges for Startups in 2022 & How to Navigate Them, According to Business Consultants", Mrs. Nguyen suggests that in order for businesses to succeed in the new era, they should seek innovation and technological advance, especially AI development.

In the article, she stresses that "The stakes are high for startups in 2022, as competitors continue to fight over the same market share," said Nguyen. "This leads to a need for startups to distinguish themselves from others: by getting ahead of the competition in the areas of technology and innovation such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR)."

The article is an important step forward for Kotwel as it reflects the company's priorities, namely growth, innovation and technological advancement. Mrs. Nguyen is a strong believer in the power of technology to drive change in Vietnam, and she plans to continue working hard to develop and improve the technology that Kotwel uses as well as ensure its ability to provide high-level services.

Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide

In terms of local activities, Kotwel is a member of WEConnect International, a dynamic platform that empowers women business owners to succeed in global markets. Kotwel has also joined SheTrades, a gathering of women entrepreneurs that together share their ideas and experiences to promote women's entrepreneurship globally.

With the right characteristics of being a female-owned company and that of being a recognized data service provider for AI projects, Kotwel has always been recommended by many companies due to its innovative AI solutions, high-quality AI training data and excellent linguistic services.

Kotwel is the reliable service provider where you'll get the best-in-class AI/ML solutions, AI training data and linguistic services for all your industry needs.