Data Processing

Data Annotation for Machine Learning

Data annotation (commonly known as data labeling) plays a pivotal role in training your AI and machine learning models to understand and discriminate against various inputs to come up with accurate outputs. By being frequently fed by tagged and annotated datasets, your model can get smarter over time. The more annotated data you use to train the model, the smarter it becomes. But producing the necessary annotation from any asset at scale might be a challenge for you – mainly due to the complexity involved with annotation.

Allow us to save you hours on data annotation. At Kotwel, we can help you with data annotation tasks for text, image, video datasets. Get in touch with us below to learn more about our solutions and servicers.

Types Of Data Annotation


Text Annotation


Image Annotation


Video Annotation

Why Data Annotation Outsourcing with Kotwel?

Outsourcing data annotation with us will give you the utmost satisfaction to meet your requirements at affordable pricing. Delivering best-in-class data recognition services with benefits as listed below. Find out why you should outsource data annotation with us and how we aim to make your choice more profitable.


Image Annotation with Best Quality

Excellence remains the prime focus of our dedicated team. We follow a strict quality process while annotating data to ensure no compromise with quality at any level. Thereby, enabling our clients to possess unique, secure and high ended data.

Turnaround Time with Scalable Solution

We offer recognition services with a stellar workforce and well-equipped infrastructure to annotate data in a limited timeframe. This comes along with a scalable solution to handle data in bulk, ensuing quality outputs.

Security of Data at Each Level

Maintaining full data security and confidentiality is our priority. The dedicated team ensures no breach of data at any given point. Your data remains safe with us before, during and after delivery of the requisites.

Flexible Pricing

Once you become our client, we ensure in this journey you get the best deal with maximum benefits. Flexible pricing structure, affordable and secure services, high-quality data and scalable manpower are all welcomed at Kotwel.

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