Labeling Images with Bounding Boxes – Top Free Annotation Tools


Annotating images for computer vision algorithms is crucial to the success of an AI project. Images must be correctly labeled in order for an AI system that can identify objects to work. An AI system will recognize objects more easily if it has better annotations. Unfortunately, this process can be difficult. Not only is it important to choose the appropriate annotation tools and methods, but it is also important to find workers who have experience in this type of work.

How to Annotate Images With Bounding Boxes

Although there are many different ways to add image annotations, there are a few steps you can take to create a decent caption for an image. To add annotations, hover over an object and draw a box. The Bounding Box column on the right will display the box. The label will now be displayed on the image. Next, you must repeat this process for all objects in the image. Once you are done, export all annotations using Export Labels. Select the output format you prefer and click "Export".

3D Annotation Lidar Data
3D Bounding Box Annotation for Lidar 3D Point Cloud

Recommended Tools (FREE) for Image Annotation

1. CVAT:

CVAT stands for Computer Vision Annotation Tool which developed by Intel. Apart from annotating images, CVAT also supports video annotation.

2. Labelbox

Labelbox is a data training platform built on three key layers that help with the entire process of labeling and collaboration through to iteration. It was developed in 2018 and has since grown into among the top well-known tools for data labeling.

It allows annotations using bounding boxes, polygons and lines, and more sophisticated labeling tools.

3. LabelMe

LabelMe is an online annotation tool created by the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. It provides a dataset of digital images with annotations.

The dataset is free and open to external contributions.

Although image annotation tools can be found online, they can be difficult to use and time-consuming. To help you save time and focus entirely on your key business goals, you can also outsource annotation to companies that are experts in this area if you require more assistance.

High-quality Image Annotation Service at Kotwel

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